What We Need To See

Authors seeking consideration for publication with A15 Publishing will submit an electronic package consisting of:

A one page Cover Letter containing the following information:

▪       Contact information

▪       A one paragraph biography, including service information (Branch, years served, etc.)   

▪       A description of the work, including genre, plot summary, and preferred medium. Additionally, tell us how far along you are, estimate its final length (in either word count or double-spaced typescript pages), and tell us what is unique about the manuscript (or about you!). We will respond to inquiries within 7 calendar days (some exceptions apply).

If A15 is interested in moving forward after direct contact with the author and an overall review of the author’s concept; the author will be asked to submit an example of their work.

Example of the work being submitted:

 a.  A book over 150 pages; one chapter, (up to 30 pages) with an explanatory set up.

 b.  A book under 150 pages; ten pages of one chapter or section.

 c.  A short poem or children's book, the entire work.

 How To Present The Work

Double-space your manuscript or manuscript excerpts. Number the pages consecutively in a single sequence. If you are mailing a print-out, use good white paper printed on one side only and do not bind it. Valuable documents or photographs need not be sent at the proposal stage, though photocopies of them are helpful. Package your print-outs securely and be sure to put your name and return address on the package, on your cover letter, and on the top page of the proposal or manuscript. Please enclose a return mailer with postage, or else a note that the materials need not be returned.

 Whom To Contact 

You may send your materials to our organizational email box here at A15 Publishing If you do not have a contact name, simply email us and include “editorial department” in the subject line of your email. Please do not send an email with your proposal to more than one editor.

We Will Contact You

Our goal is to respond within a month of receiving a full proposal, and often it will be much sooner. Our decisions are based largely on the freshness of the topic, how well it fits into our ethos, how thoroughly and authoritatively you cover it, the quality of the research and/or writing, and the likely marketability of the book.