Scream wounds

by Jimmy Pappas

Illustrated by Madalyn Matosian



Scream Wounds

Jimmy Pappas - Vice President of the Poetry Society of New Hampshire, winner of the Rattle Chapbook Contest (For his Chapbook Falling Off The Empire State Building) and the 2018 Rattle subscriber’s Readers Choice Award - for his poem Bobby’s Story, which is within in Scream Wounds. From the Author: A “Scream Wound” is one from which even the most hardened combat soldier cannot help but cry out in pain. As such, it becomes a metaphor for the entire Vietnam War. It still brings us pain. Many of us, including myself, have our personal scream wounds. Mine are the friends I lost in the War. Some of that is based on feelings of guilt that I have been able to live such an interesting life while they died so young in combat. Almost all of the poems in this book are based on the accounts I was able to glean from other veterans. Most of the works are about Vietnam, some are about experiences of veterans back in the United States, and one is about Iraq. I have tried to honor the basic truths and capture the individual details that history books often ignore. I felt I was saving stories that would be forever lost if I did not write them down.