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Established in 2015 by a team of combat veterans, A15 Publishing is dedicated to providing substantive & timely feedback, end-to-end publishing capabilities, marketing support and most importantly honest brokerage. A15 was created as a vehicle for Veterans and their family members to finally become published in the real world.

At A15 Publishing, we seek all types of submissions!

From Non-Fiction Battlefield Memoirs to Fiction, and almost EVERYTHING in-between. We publish Mysteries, Thrillers, Zombie Apocalypse, Poetry, DIY, Military Reference, Spouses How To's and more. We honor the dedication and hard work it takes to write as well as the time you've put into your work. Lets have a look!

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Peter A. Donnelly, COL. USAF Ret. had a dream. To write books. After retiring with an astounding 30 years under his military belt, Pete decided to open A15 Publishing with the help of a handful of amazing and dedicated patriots. Today, A15 proudly supports the dreams of VETS and their family members by publishing their works and helping them achieve their dreams of becoming writers.

THREE + YEARS                   12 AUTHORS                   OVER 500 FIVE STAR REVIEWS

What our authors are saying

"A15 Publishing created a wonderful platform for me to utilize my creativity. Easy to work with and to the point. They were super fast in responding but I never felt rushed into deciding on any one aspect of the book. I appreciate that they were honest, fair and helpful. I would highly recommend them to any Veteran or family member of a Veteran who is seeking a reputable company to pair with. G. Diggins, 2017                  

What our readers are saying....

"...A15 is first class. I'll definitely be a repeat customer!"

"...Tremendous book. Ourstanding service, excellent experience. Would buy from again."

"...5 Star experience all the way. From the purchase to the receipt of the book, smooth sailing all the way. Solid dedication to the quality of content and the customer experience.